Raffy Reviews - Signs of Omnicide: "Era of Omniscience"

Brutal, blasting, chugging and slamming deathcore

March 1, 2018


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Signs of Omnicide is an American extreme metal band from Texas that combines brutal and technical death metal with elements of deathcore. For the last couple of years, the four piece act has been working hard on getting their name out there...ultimately landing them a spot on the Inherited Suffering Records roster and giving them the opportunity to put their music on the spot as well. 

Album Breakdown

Era of Omniscience marks the band's debut or first full lengh album release. The 33 minute offering consists of ten tracks of slamming brutal tech deathcore and features artwork courtesy of Mindrape Art, who have worked with similar artists in the past. The themes involved in this release closely relate to those of misanthropy and the end-times. So, with that said, let's get down to what this album has to offer.

The Pros

Era of Omniscience is a fairly heavy and brutal album packed with fast paced riffs, energetic and somewhat eclectic core and death metal vocals, overly stellar production, strong breakdowns, slams and more. The production quality is similar to that of other slamcore releases such as those of VulvodyniaIngestedGutrectomy, Mental Cruelty and so on. The riffs in this one are pretty vast, with an emphasis on deathcore tremolos and chugging guitar lines with frequent slamming sections here and there. The vocals mostly border on the core spectrum as well, but that's not a bad thing at all since they're very well done and entertaining in the long run. Finally, the album is at an optimal length, which goes well with everything else it has to offer without feeling like it drags on. Overall, it is a well done album from a musical standpoint as far as slam goes.

The Cons

Not really sure how I feel about the out-of-place instrumental track towards the end of the album. For one thing, it works to break apart the slamming madness, but it also serves as a huge shift in vibes. Also, the production on the vocals felt a bit off at times.

The Verdict

In conclusion, Era of Omniscience is brutal, blasting and slamming deathcore with some entertaining factors to it. It's fast, it never lets up, and it's slammy when it wants to be while at the same time offering certain qualities for the core crowd as well. And, while this debut album sounds similar to other slamcore releases of the same variety, it still stands as a beyond satisfactory and strongly enthusiastic effort from Signs of Omnicide.


Fave Tracks: "Cycles of Infinite Anguish", "Era of Omniscience"

For Fans Of: VulvodyniaMental Cruelty, and more

**This release is available now at Inherited Suffering Records!**


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-Review by: Dave Raffy

Musician, reviewer, fan & promoter


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