Raffy Reviews - Purulent Necrosis: 'Cadaverized Humanity'

Middle of the ground slam with brief high moments but nothing too surprising aside from constant brutality

Nov. 26, 2019


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Purulent Necrosis stands as an explosively lively and grimey brutal death band hailing from North Carolina. Since their inception a few years ago (especially after a brief name change and lineup alteration), this slamming guttural quartet has been hard at work crafting their overall sound in time for their debut release under Comatose Records morbidly, though unsurprisingly so, entitled Cadaverized Humanity. The band has some modest shoes to fill with all the influx of brutal death bands happening over the last decade or so, and this eleven track composition may just be the thing to put them on the map. So let's hear it!



The opening is a brief few moments of atmospheric buildup with what sounds like an audio or movie clip of sorts. Doesn't take long for the dumb madness to shake its way into your ear drums however. The signatures toilet vocals consisting of Matti Way-esque high squeals mixed in with lightning paced chromatic riffs and blast beats constricts airwaves in a monstrous tone and varying tempos. The brutality is unmatched and the slight 80s camp is there, as well.


Some tracks that stuck out to me in particular were 'Invoke The Creophagus' mainly due to how grating the artificial pinch harmonics became after the fourth or so breakdown of the song itself. Some variety breaks through here and there with a pinch of more oldschool riffs rearing their ugly head via more Gothenburg-like galloping tremolos or the type of stuff you'd likely hear in Visceral Disgorge's Ingesting Putridity. However, I also wish there were more of those particular moments on display here. The first couple songs didn't really stick with me as much as 'Purity Shrouded in Putrefaction': one track on here that kinda feels proggy and different at times because of the structure changes, open note chugs and blasting bass sections; one other later song 'Vile Formations of Putridity' similarly offers up some vocal variety and technical guitar mastery, as well.


The album ties itself together on a rather high note with some fairly destructive outro slams and pig squeal madness. Despite that, there are certain other songs that oddly enough feel more like filler in the end. Not too shabby at all for a first-timer but it still feels somewhat reliant on old tropes.


The Verdict

While Purulent Necrosis' slamming debut album isn't much of anything too surprising and ultimately stays pretty middle-grounded throughout, there were some brief high moments that really caught my attention. Certain parts that bordered on the more technical, Origin/Abominable Putridity sort of inspired sound stuck in well and some other sections with more high-ranged vocal parts also caught me offguard in a rather positive way. If you're a slam or death metalhead in search of a decent half hour filled with a ton of constant, somewhat highly produced guttural brutality that isn't too far from the usual but all the more extreme, then this one should be right up your alley. Let's just hope for some more innovation like those brief moments mentioned in the near future.


Fave Tracks: 'Purity Shrouded in Putrefaction', 'Vile Formations of Putridity'

For Fans Of: Extermination DismembermentPathology

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-Review by: Dave Raffy

Musician, reviewer, fan & promoter


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