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A toned up, even more vulgar and vile display of brutal slammery than the last effort with a few pleasant surprises

June 21, 2019


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Organectomy is a band that we've talked about quite a bit in the past on this site. Viciously conceived right out of New Zealand, this brutal five-piece outfit was once a solo project that became what it truly is today: a slamdozing disasterpiece. The last album is on file here so why don't we take a look at what they've got in store for us this time around!


Album Breakdown

Releasing on this day via Unique Leader Records and having been mixed/mastered by Miguel of Demigod RecordingsExistential Disconnect is the thought-provoking title of Organectomy's new sophomore full length. Boasting eleven tracks, which culminate into over 48 minutes of toilet vocals and slamming wonder, this new album also notably features guest vocals courtesy of eclectic BDM mastermind Matti Way (Abominable Putridity) as well as slamcore enthusiast Diogo Santana (Analepsy).



The opening to the album is pretty straight to the point as the buildup of unending slams mixed with some techy riffs and blast beats take form whilst listeners are assaulted by the not-so-soothing sounds of the band's signature gutturals. Anyway, the slams sort of slow down by the midway point before going into an even more slowed down 'breakdown' kind of section that is honestly really groovy and ends on a Dying Fetus-esque note. The track lengths are mostly all around four minutes, not too drawn out and not short either...a modest length.


The following track starts off with an audio sample taken from some film and immediately goes back into the grind afterwards. Sure, it follows the formula of the preceding song; however, the groove and pacing is a tad different here and there. There is a breakdown section much earlier on that leads into a faster chromatic/slamming riff part akin to stuff like Pathology. Surprisingly enough as well, a guitar solo takes shape at one point before going into the chorus line, so there are some surprises here.  The song ends on a slamming breakdown and a continuation of the audio sample from earlier.


'Antithetical' is a more fast-paced but still fairly techy song on the surface and the fourth song 'No Solace in Ascendance' is definitely one of my personal faves for its long, fleshed out structure in addition to it having a very interesting and 'different' sort of intro that I can't really explain. The intro is similar to some black metal stuff with its buildup and the rest of the song reminded me of Condemned quite a bit with their formula. It's a more "out there" sort of track that's for sure. This album has so many great slamming breakdowns in between, too. There's even a Fallujah-esque melodic part that leads into another guitar solo played over slams. 


'Catastrophic Intent' as a song isn't too shabby, but it's not as memorable as the past few. The song is just sort of there, not feeling too strongly about it one way or another. However, 'Unending Regrowth' is another instant slam classic because of its slowdowns and slamming breakdowns towards the end alone. Also, yet another surprising track that I must recommend and discuss is the two-parter that is 'Where Pantheons Lie'. The two songs play off each other so well: the first track is a melodic, atmospheric 'aura-inducing' trippy track for the most part with great ambiance and instrumentals (parts like this showcase where the production quality on this album really shines); meanwhile, the second part is a more typical Organectomy song.


The album also finishes off on a similar sort of instrumentation in the form of the melodic riffing and guitar solo action that was mentioned before...really strong and surprising kind of ending. So, at the end of the day, I thoroughly enjoyed the vast majority of Existential Disconnect and there were only a couple of songs within in that I didn't particularly care for. The release has a lot of brutal slams, intriguing instrumentals and vulgar vocals on display throughout and does great in terms of buildup and pacing. However, a couple of constructive takes I have on it are that I personally wish there was at least one or two more songs on here that dealt with the progressive and melodic aspects of the album, as well as me also wishing the bass lines were a bit more prominent here and there.


The Verdict

All in all, though it's more of the same, Organectomy still shows some finesse and fine tuning with this even more vulgar and beefed up (in terms of riffs and tone) offering. The album runs a bit on the longer side, but this lengthy duration is mostly justified by the band's ability to mix things up and keep listeners on edge with their energy, experimentation with melodies and ambiance, and solid instrumentation towards the album's middle part. Existential Disconnect may just be the type of release that the brutal death metal scene needed, with its slamming brutality and experimental vibes thrown in and toilet vocals en masse. But it is also an album that may well be a turning point for Organectomy (for the better, of course) and I'm ecstatic to see the artists joining the Unique Leader Records family as well as excited to ponder what they may have in store for us in the near future.


Fave Tracks: 'No Solace in Ascendance', 'Unending Regrowth', 'Where Pantheons Lie I: Malfeasance', 'The Infinite Witness'

For Fans Of: Condemned, Devourment, Mental CrueltyRendered Helpless

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-Review by: Dave Raffy

Musician, reviewer, fan & promoter


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