Raffy Reviews - Nightgrave: 'Nascent'

Sick ambient metal with blackened overtones

March 2, 2018


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Nightgrave is a new band that incorporates a lot of instrumentality as well as ambiance and melodies into its music. Not too much is known about the project; but, for the past couple of years, its music has been going strong...with already a few digital and independent releases under its belt.

Album Breakdown

The newest release by Nightgrave titled Nascent is yet another expedition into charted territories of black metal and post-metal with a hint of doom and other influences. While the cover art doesn't tell us much, the music within is all you'll need to understand the depth of what this band has to offer. This recent album consisting of six tracks and over forty minutes of ambient content is surely one to check out if you're a fanatic of Nightgrave's previous releases or a fan of this kind of music in general.

The Pros

The melodies and overall epicness of the instrumentals takes hold right from the very start of Nascent's oening track. For a few minutes, the atmosphere builds up until about halfway into the song, in which an acoustic riff comes in with possibly some synths in the background as well. Out of nowhere, however, the music soon turns dark as the blackened formula spirals in, with tremolo picking and percussional overdrive galore. Most of Nacent focuses on the instrumental side of the extreme metal world as well as how far you can push those boundaries. The vocals are minimal for the most part but when they come in they definitely have some sort of impact. The dreary tone of the vocals themselves is another blackened aspect that makes the sound hold up. Strongest points of this release would be the melodic riffs throughout songs such as "Darklight" and "Purification By Fire". The self-titled track is rather unique as well for its structure and transitions...and "Cold Hands" serves as a break-away from the heaviness with its softer atmosphere and vibes.

The Cons

There could've been a bit more to the vocal aspect of this release. Though I enjoyed the vocals for what they were on here, I just wish there could've been more variety in that regard. Also, some songs are more drawn out and overly long than others I've felt.

The Verdict

Nascent comes in at yet another solid release courtesy of Nightgrave. With its striking melodies, beautiful atmosphere, vast instrumentals and more, this new album manages to easily overcome the few flaws that it has. This milestone is also another glorious addition to the band's discography and to the ambient metal community.


Fave Tracks: "Darklight", "Purification By Fire"

**This release is available now on Bandcamp!**


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-Review by: Dave Raffy

Musician, reviewer, fan & promoter


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