Raffy Reviews - Ingested: 'The Level Above Human'

More of the same, but still solid and hard-hitting in almost every way

April 27, 2018


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Avid enthusiasts of the slamming deathcore ("slamcore") genre have taken note of acts from all over the world that have shaped the hybrid sound that we've come to know today. On this site thus far, our reviewers have listened to the likes of  Within DestructionVulvodynia, and of course today's band, Ingested. Formed in the mid-2000s and hailing from Manchester, UK, these guys continue to dominate the slamcore scene with an iron fist. Since their inception, they've performed at numerous tours and have released a total of four full length albums, with The Level Above Human being their latest. 

Album Summary

Ingested's new full length serves as a continuation of the group's bone-crushing formula, consisting of ten tracks over nearly 40 minutes of brutal slamming deathcore content through Unique Leader Records. This one features the usual five piece lineup; however, there are some changes in terms of themes and undertones with an emphasis on vengeance and doomsday-type stuff. The album also includes some guest vocals and mixing/mastering from Christian Donaldson of Cryptopsy and album artwork from Lordigan, who has worked with other high profile bands like Analepsy in the past.

The Pros

The guitar tones and overall production quality are top-notch on this release. While these factors were solid on previous albums, they make the music shine brighter and hit harder on The Level Above Human. Consistent riffing and prevalent slams are always inbound, with a greater emphasis on slammery rather over the deathcore elements with which Ingested are often associated. This, combined with fast pace and controversial concepts make for an entertaining listening experience. The vocals focus primarily on lows, which I thought was a fitting decision given how they meld with this album's overall sound. Certain tracks like "Misery Leech" and "Transcendence of Gods" contain elements similar to their debut full length while othera like "Last Rites" and "Obsolescent" include odes to The Architect of Extinction, with the former being more melodic and the latter being the instrumental closing track. Overall, this is a well rounded and balanced album.

The Cons

Though the new album offers a lot of enjoyable content, it is not without its flaws. The Level Above Human includes more of what you've heardbefore, rarely making motions to innovate. Also, I feel that more could've been done with the various melodic elements.

The Verdict

In all, Ingested's latest full length ends up being a worthy addition to the band's career. While some of it feels recycled from previous material, this does not take away from the fact that these UK metallers are still pushing the boundaries of their sound by delivering aggressive, destructive, consistently heavy-hitting jams. It's a recommended listen to all fans of the outfit's previous works and listeners of both slam and deathcore alike. Thumbs up for effort, enthusiasm, and brutal excellence.


Fave Tracks: "Misery Leech", "Transcendence of Gods", "Last Rites"

For Fans Of: AcraniusVulvodyniaWithin Destruction

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-Review by: Dave Raffy

Musician, reviewer, fan & promoter


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