Raffy Reviews - Feral: 'Flesh For Funerals Eternal'

Nostalgic death metal vibes with guitar solos, melodies and all the works

May 15, 2019


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Feral happens to be one of those Swedish extreme metal bands that have built upon the already established great formula of the countless bands before it. Playing in the style of oldschool, traditional death metal, these artists have nuanced a sort of Occultist atmosphere in their three full-length releases since their mid 2000s inception. And now, they're back at it again after a few years break with their third album.


Album Breakdown

Released through the Transcending Obscurity Records label around New Years 2018, Flesh For Funerals Eternal stands as the latest and perhaps greatest full-length by Sweden's Feral. Don't just take my word for it, though, just take a bit of your time to check out the ten song album in all its glory, which is available on nearly all formats, both digital and physical. The 40 or so minutes to be found on here are filled with some real nostalgic death metal content.



The album has a ton of melodic moments and riffs, especially with the first couple of songs, which lean more towards the traditional structure of death metal. Pretty much each track also features at least one guitar solo on it. The vocals themselves really give off an oldschool vibe as well, bringing me back to other similar bands like Grave and such. Some songs, like 'Dormant Disease', have a long, drawn out instrumental intro that builds up to the main music. But it really fits for the most part...and I love the hell out of the long screams and growls in 'Of Gods No Longer Invoked'. I'd overall classify this album as a fusion of OSDM with some melodic and technical aspects. The album finishes off with a more grindy track but most of the other songs are really well structured and fleshed out, especially songs like 'Accursed' and 'Buried', which happen to be two of my faves off this new album. The production quality is also top notch, so everything is done justice.


The Verdict

There's a lot of good stuff on this album, as Feral are showing themselves to be more ambitious than ever with all the different elements thrown in to the seemingly standard formula. This one is a blast from start to finish and undoubtedly one of the more fast-paced and energetic albums of this genre's calibre. For those wanting to get into it, I highly recommend listening to one of the middle tracks to get a good sense of the style. But, all in all, I'm glad I got around to checking this one out, even if it's a bit later.


Fave Tracks: 'Dorman Disease', 'Accursed', 'Buried'

For Fans Of: AutopsyEntombedGrave

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-Review by: Dave Raffy

Musician, reviewer, fan & promoter


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