Raffy Reviews - Enterprise Earth: 'Luciferous'

Another lengthy voyage into destructive, yet slightly untapped deathcore

April 5, 2019


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Enterprise Earth is one Washington State-based deathcore act that's been on our radar for quite some time now. Why haven't we reviewed one of their works yet until today? That's anybody's guess. They've been around for a little over half a decade now and already they've gone through quite a few lineup changes and released some pretty choice stuff here and there. These guys have been fairly hit-or-miss for me personally so far, but what about that new album...hit, or miss? Read on to find out what and why.

Album Breakdown

The band's brand new full-length titled Luciferous gives off sort of a different, if refreshing vibe as opposed to all their other stuff. The oldschool death metal-esque artwork is somewhat thought provoking this time around and the songs seem to reflect sort of a blackened atmosphere. The album itself comprises a dozen tracks, amounting to over fifty minutes of br00tal content. Luciferous is available now via the eOne (Entertainment One) record label as well as other fine retailers.


The record opens with some ambiance and buildup that's somewhat reminiscient of Enterprise Earth's earlier works from the mid growls to the high guitar notes, and in the form of 'Behold, Malevolence'. It's not the best start, but a pretty strong one. The next song is a slower, more chuggy one that has a half-decent breakdown towards the end, but 'He Exists' is an interesting track to me for its nonstop riffing, death metal-esque pacing as well as some high brow guitar work smack dab in the middle that reminded me of stuff like Abiotic and Rings of Saturn. I wish there were more songs on here like 'He Exists', but two other tracks that caught my attention were 'The Failsafe Fallacy' and 'We Are Immortal', both of which exhibit a bit more than your average deathcore sound.

For instance, 'We Are Immortal' has a nice, kind of peaceful intro that segways into a sort of blackened composition and it really catches you off guard here. The structure is varying from the rest and the guitars never let up. On the flip side, the outro song, among others, is one that really attempts to throw a ton of different stuff in to try to make something stick and it comes off a bit too longwinded, if experimental and different. Some of these songs feel sort of bipolar in some ways and there are elements that veer off the beaten deathcore path, but sometimes they're hit-or-miss.

The Verdict

Enterprise Earth's new foray is a very familiar one. However,  there are a few instances that gave me the ole 'so heavy and out there that it doesn't matter' vibe, namely in a couple of the fave tracks I've mentioned. But overall, it just feels like something is missing somewhere in the mix and part of me wishes there was a little more to it, having been a fanatic of Patient Zero, their debut, which I thought had a lot going for it. This one's lengthy and full of things to admire, but it also feels a bit untapped, holding it back from great potential in some ways. It's a good try, if not a really great one.


Fave Tracks: 'He Exists', 'The Failsafe Fallacy', 'We Are Immortal'

For Fans Of: Fit For An AutopsyOceano

**This release is available now here!**



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-Review by: Dave Raffy

Musician, reviewer, fan & promoter


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