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A fast paced and brutally cosmic ensemble of death metal proportions

July 10, 2019


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Ecliptic Vision stands tall as some pretty otherworldly and crushing four piece outfit of New Yorkers that's been slowly but surely making a blip on the radar in recent years. Since the band's inception around five years ago, two full-length albums and one EP have seen a release and, thus far, the unsigned Ecliptic Vision is rising up once again following the unveiling of their sophomore full-length album. Time to check it out!


Album Breakdown

This time around, despite the ongoing cosmic/space themes, the album is self-titled and the cover artwork for it was courtesy of Erskine Designs, who've done collaborations with other bands and even ones covered on the site including Anomalism and Inanimate ExistenceEcliptic Vision is, in essence, a dozen track, forty minute dive into brutality, aliencore guitar solos, growling vocals and lightning-paced death metal. 



From the get go, I was kind of hoping that this album would be a little bit more on the technical side of the genre (one factor that I was ultimately disappointed in, though I have no one but myself to blame for those expectations), but it turned out to be mostly fast brutal death with some melodic tracks thrown in the mix. Before we get into what I like about this one, one con I'd like to state lies with some of the haphazard production quality at certain points with the guitar mix and some other aspects. I thought the mixing was unbalanced in some songs and I wish that there was more done with the alien themes. 


Other than that, you get some pretty cool and lightning paced death metal throughout with a few build-up songs that I could take or leave at first, though they sort of grew on me over time and I really felt as though I was in orbit around like Saturn or something. They are truly atmospheric tracks at their peak and do well to break away from the madness. Some songs like 'Anthropophage' and 'Cosmicosm' (which has a rather unique ending to it) stick to a specific riff or melody 'catch' and play on that aspect for three or four minutes and it's usually a droning breakdown or tremolo riff a la Dying Fetus or the like. Other songs such as 'Lobotomizer' and 'Crux of Infliction' possess a rather progressive and melodic feel that goes into different structures and varying riffs or patterns. 'Cephalic Anomaly' is one more track I'd highly recommend for its variety also.


The Verdict

Ecliptic Vision's self-titled second album has a lightning fast pace that sometimes revisits the oldschool, though it also possesses its own themes and riffs. The ensemble of brutal death songs is sometimes eclectic and it does great to build upon them in its own ways through ambiance or studio effects. Sure, there are some faults to mention; but, in the end, it comes off as a brutally cosmic release that eminates its own energy and, to an extent, its own identity.


Fave Tracks: 'Cosmicosm', 'Cephalic Anomaly', 'Dark Flow Remnants'

**This release is available now here!**


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-Review by: Dave Raffy

Musician, reviewer, fan & promoter


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