Raffy Reviews - Decomposition of Entrails: 'Abnormality'

Grimy brutal tech death with mixed production quality, consistent slams and toilet gutturals nonstop

June 4, 2019


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To continue on with our marathon of reviewing brutal death releases, we come to our latest slam contenders straight out of Russia. Decomposition of Entrails is a slamming brutal death band with tech influences that's been around for a little over six years now and has thus far three full-lengths under its belt since formation. The band is a four piece and is back again with its newest offering.


Album Breakdown

Abnormality is the band's third album that was recently released under Realityfade Records. This latest brutal tech death effort by the Russian slammers is packed with nine brief but heavy songs that culminates into about 26 minutes of content. It is available now on CD & digital format and features guest vocals by Matt Turkington (Internal Devour) and Vitaly Drozdov (Ezophagotomia) in addition to artwork by Daemorph as well as production by Egor Kotov, who's also worked with Infected Swarm.



Overall, while the album as a whole possesses a uniform type of sound consisting of slamming brutal death tropes such as toilet guttural vocals, chromatic riffs and blast beats under questionable production, there are some things that stood out to me at times. Notably, the guest spots this time around were well utilized and memorable, especially with 'Viral Eruption' (Track 2). Abnormality also includes a ton of technical influences akin to Dying Fetus and doesn't have any of those annoying, unnecessary samples thrown in, insteading focusing on the music at hand front and center. A lot of the other non-slamming riffs are either open note chugging or recycled tremolos (guitar solos aside), which may or may not fit the music depending on which song you're listening to.


The grimy vocals (the best I could describe them would be like being Condemned or Devourment-esque) combined with the oldschool brutal death atmosphere works in the band's favour a lot of the times, especially in songs such as 'Anathema', which has sort of a melodic opening; and 'Dominion', which builds up to a sort of entertaining outro. Two other songs that stood out to me were 'Somatic Hybridization' for its fast paced riffs and catchy mid-riff and 'Doom' for having a different type of sound in general in relation to the rest of this release. A few of the other songs kind of blended in, but the album is pretty short so it wasn't a big deal.


The Verdict

Abnormality exhibits a lot of slam elements that I enjoy as well as a few that I don't like or particularly care for. But, all in all, it's pretty much what one would expect from a release of this type and has just enough brutal energy and entertainment factor in it to warrant at least one listen. A fairly decent album, but nothing too out there or surprising. 


Fave Tracks: 'Viral Eruption', 'Anathema', 'Doom'

For Fans Of: Abominable PutridityDisfigurement of FleshDevourment

**This release is available now here!**


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-Review by: Dave Raffy

Musician, reviewer, fan & promoter


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