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Brief progressive journey with substantial melodies throughout

July 5, 2018


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Sarasota, Florida's very own melodeath outfit Death Requisite has had a pretty noteworthy history consisting of some lineup changes and several releases of both the full length and EP variety since their 1999 inception. And now, the band's second EP is upon us.

Album Breakdown

Released in June of 2018 via Rottweiler Records, this new EP titled Threnody is a subtle EP made up of six tracks: three of which are standard melodeath compositions and the remaining three (making up the EP's latter half) being orchestral, instrumental versions of the former three tracks. This release tells the story of life, death and tragedy.


'Primogeniture' is the EP's opening track. It begins with some barely audible guitar chords and seemingly a bit of piano in the background. Then, the choir-like chanting comes in along with all the distortion about a minute and a half in. It takes a while for the vocals to build up, but when they do...they hit you like a brick wall. The growls are a bit more distinct than your usual death metal vocals. The progression to this track gives way to some decent guitar melodies and some cool piano and violin notes to go along with them.

'Tormentor', the second track, is fairly short but packs a formidable punch. From the start, you get a lot of fast-paced death metal vibes and vocal variety. The melody is still there, but it takes a back seat for the time being. About halfway in, you're treated to a sick guitar solo that leads into more lightning paced brutality.

'The third song 'Threnody' feels like a sort of mix between the first two tracks, with both fast and slow, balladic parts combined throughout. The choir vocals and death metal growls get mixed in a lot as well, and the audience is treated to more riffing action as well as instrumentalism to the max. The piano and violins make a return once again, with this being a longwinded track compared to the others.

Overall, I enjoyed 'Threnody' the most due to its eclectic sound and atmosphere, though I thought that each of the three tracks has quite a bit to offer. The various instruments are mixed in very competently, and I even found myself enjoying the three orchestral versions of the tracks about as much as the actual death metal versions.

The Verdict

Threnody by Death Requisite exhibits some stellar musical talent and writing ability on behalf of the band itself. This brief progressive journey is filled with many captivating melodies throughout that often clash with brutal death metal dissonance. It is these factors that make Threnody one of the more engaging and intruiging death metal EPs.


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-Review by: Dave Raffy

Musician, reviewer, fan & promoter


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