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Arguably one of the most versatile and surprisingly ambitious releases from the genre in the last several years

July 11, 2019


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Switzerland's very own Consumed By Vultures is one vast outfit that has many reasons to exist. One being that, since their 2013 inception, the band has incorporated many different elements and instruments into their style or brand of brutal death metal in order to branch out and avoid being pidgeonholed into a single distinct sound. Through the few releases they now have under their belt, they've created a sort of niche following for themselves as a result. And so, the brutal metallers are back at it again with their newest full-length for us all to enjoy!


Album Breakdown

Pseudobiblion is the mystifying title for the band's sophomore full-length album that was released independently through the band itself as well as via the Rising Nemesis Records label in late June of 2019. This new ten track release sports about 38 minutes of eclectic brutal death as well as some tasty riffs and possibly sacrilegious themes, as well (a plus for us :) ). 



There are a lot of groovy, melodic and standout features to be discussed about this one. For one thing, many of the songs on the album have a pretty consistent brutal death aura that sometimes borders on the progressive or even melodic. An abundance of chromatic-slam type riffs, guitar solos and blast beats as well as the usual gutturals grace Pseudobiblion throughout. Another big promising factor of this release has to be the very stellar production quality that seems top tier given the genre. Also, there are some added instruments and guest spots to mention here, but we will get to those in due time.


The album opens up with demonic chanting and ominous shrieks as buildup to 'Canto II' (AKA the first real song). Only a couple of minutes in and already listeners are bombarded by lightning fast tremolos reminiscient of modern tech death as well as mixed vocal variety akin to more grindey stuff like Cephalic Carnage. However, there is a greater feeling of structure and pacing here and the rhythm and melodies are usually on point. The overall tone is extremely catchy with how the eclectic vocal styles combine with constant blast beats and slam riffs. It's not long before a slamming breakdown comes in mid song and we're treated to some pig squeals and high pitched screams.


As far as the rest of the album goes without spoiling too much, 'Canto III" Cenere' is more melodic towards the beginning and has kind of a blackened vibe to it before shortly turning into a more grimey and oldschool Disgorge brutal death feel. 'Canto IV' has a current Dying Fetus feel to it due to the variety and riff changes as well as the vocals and 'Canto V' is worth mentioning due to the techy vibes provided that there is a guest guitar solo by Jason Melidonie (Cytotoxin). The song that follows right after has a sort of choir-like symphonic interlude and more blackened elements and also includes guest vocals by singer Anan Nisakack and 'Canto VII' is also a personal fave because of its slamming breakdowns and tempo changes. Really, the only gripe I have is with the last song, which wasn't as memorable of a last bang as I had hoped compared to the greatness of everything else on the album.


The Verdict

Consumed By Vultures have outdone themselves here in pretty much every which way possible through their brutal will to experiment with different sounds, structures and riffs as well as to branch out slightly into other musical ventures or subgenres at certain key points on Pseudobiblion. This one is a quite versatile and ambitious release that has the potential to cater to several types of metalheads because of how heavy and surprisingly memorable it is from start to finish. Brutal, refreshing and unadulterated groovy and sometimes techy madness to one's ear...this one's got a lot going for it.


Fave Tracks: 'Canto III: Cenere', 'Canto V: La Grande Piramide', 'Canto VI: Servi del Fuoco'

For Fans Of: Defeated Sanity, Dying Fetus, eclectic and brutal death metal

**This release is available now here!**


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-Review by: Dave Raffy

Musician, reviewer, fan & promoter


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