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Smoothly epic and destructively hard-hitting black metal

June 1, 2018


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Chanid strive themselves on the scene as an up-and-coming black metal act that was spawned directly out of the bowels of Eastern Europe. Formed in Warsaw, Poland in the early 2010s, this five piece outfit obsessed with the Occult is yet another band that so happens to be associated with the Casus Belli Musica underground label. And now, their long awaited full-length debut is upon us all...ready to reign down its fiery destruction on all who listen.

Album Breakdown

The first album from Chanid released in May of 2018, this 30 minutes of over-the-top and thematic blackened content is comprised of eight songs. These several compositions revolve mainly around the eponymous and dark themes of Lucifer as well as the continuation of the concept of rebellion. A follow up to the band's demo from 2014, this album also features cover art created by Vladimir Prokofyev from Russian band In Tenebriz and mixing courtesy of Igor Brzeski.

The Pros

Lucifer starts off fairly ominous and foreboding for the first couple minutes, with its droning atmosphere and faint sounds of crying lost souls in the underworld. Then, the album takes a rather sharp turn down the rabbit hole and unleashes some lightning paced tremolo riffery packed alongside tons of blast beat drumming and old school shrieking reminiscient of the high pitched growls of Immortal but with higher production quality. Lucifer seems to mix kvlt aspects with more modern and death metal-esque vibes throughout its running time, especially in later tracks. The lyrics are mostly in Polish, in case you were wondering. Overall, my fave tracks are 'Misterium II' for its memorable outro akin to funeral music, 'Under the Sign of Lucifer' for its catchy bass line, and 'Stagnant Hours' for its so-called "breakdown" (if you listen, you'll know what I mean).

The Cons

Only thing that comes to mind is the running time, which is definitely on the shorter side of the spectrum for this type of music. It leaves you wanting more is what I'll leave it at. Also, I thought there could've been more melodies added in certain parts.

The Verdict

To top off this review, I'd like to state that I enjoy Lucifer for all its black metal quirks and smoothly epic themes and general sound. It's a hard-hitting album that is smaller in length, yet packs a punch and has many redeemable features that make up for its overall quantity. The quality is all there...and this one is surely a recommended listen if you're a die hard black metal fanatic such as myself.


Fave Tracks: 'Misterium II', 'Under the Sign of Lucifer', 'Stagnant Hours'

For Fans Of: ImmortalNecrophobic

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-Review by: Dave Raffy

Musician, reviewer, fan & promoter


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