Raffy Reviews - Birdflesh: 'Extreme Graveyard Tornado'

Hectic, chaotic and out there grindcore composition courtesy of Swedish genre longtimers

July 28, 2019


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Birdflesh emerged in the early 1990s in Sweden as sort of an aggressive and surrealistic take on the grindcore formula. The Vaxjo-based three-piece is highly notable in their scene for the comedic tone of their musical material, their use of props and costumes, and their longstanding career filled with humorous and outrageous themes, countless releases, live shows and more. And now, the grind trio is unveiling its five chronological full-length album to the world. Will we laugh, cry or die? Let's find out!


Album Breakdown

A 27 minute compilation of short-lengthed tracks (which there are well over twenty of), Extreme Graveyard Tornado is as strange and insane as its title would lead you to believe. The album is being released via Everlasting Spew Records in June of 2019 digitally and on CD format and includes the usage of numerous eclectic instruments like keyboards/synth, flute, saxophone and accordion (aside from the traditional drums, vocals and guitars) as well as the inclusion of a few guest spots by the likes of Jakob Lindahl (instrumentals), Johan Bergstrom (vocals), and company.



This isn't by any means a lengthy album but it does feel kind of "large" instrumentally in a way due to the amount of different influences and instruments being utilized. The guest spots are used to an advantage and the production quality really aids in embracing the album's bizzare aesthetics. The opening track (one of the releases' longest songs also) opens with the usual audio sample that goes right into a deathgrind (think Exhumed) section packed with riff slides, rough vocals and a fast outro. The second song is only a six minute filler so not much aside from slight comic relief, which you should get used to when listening to this album, before going to 'Crazy Train Decapitation', one of my faves due to its subtle yet explosive bridge and guitar solo combo. 


Following 'Crazy Train Decapitation', we're treated to a couple of more half filler, half corny chorus songs talking about death and being in a grind band (and not in that order, of course) prior to my other fave song 'Milkshake is Nice'. This one in particular is so out there with its instrumentals and lyrics alike that I had to mention it. 'Another Pig' grabbed my attention because of the clever usage of pig squeals in between by guest vocals. There's also another musician who provides added instruments in a few other tracks, as well. A lot of the songs from there on are under a minute in length, aside from 'Accused of Suicide', another banger, and 'The Rise of Stupidity', which I'm sure may grab the interest or attention of some by title alone. Really, just check this one out for the hell of it and experience the oddities in all their glory.


The Verdict

This is ultimately an album full of craziness and all-over-the-place energy through both vocals and instrumentals alike. A hectic grindcore composition that may well stack up against some of the greats, the obviously short track lengths are substituted by assertive attitude and quality akin to grindey noise and odd destruction. It's hard to say who would be into this, but I seriously suggest checking it out if you're open-minded and up for something slightly different.


Fave Tracks: 'Crazy Train Decapitation', 'Milkshake is Nice', 'Accused of Suicide'

For Fans Of: ImpetigoNapalm Death, Repulsion

**This release is available now here!**



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-Review by: Dave Raffy

Musician, reviewer, fan & promoter


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