Raffy Reviews - Aorlhac: 'L'esprit des vents'

Epic black metal...enough said

March 13, 2018


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Aorlhac is one of those bands that strives to break the boundaries of black metal and engage as well as entertain their audiences as much as possible through the mystifying music they convey. For the last decade or so, this French "Aurillac" act has made their Medieval style of extreme metal and created some epic albums in the past.

Album Breakdown

Their latest and third release titled L'esprit des vents was unveiled earlier this month via the Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions record label. The nearly hour-long, ten track album offers quite a bit in terms of substance, with themes ranging from the Occult and Medieval legend to the Occitan language and history. Featuring two guitars and several other interesting qualities, there is much to say about this one.

The Pros

The somewhat odd production quality gives the album a raw sound many times throughout, espeically in terms of the vocal aspects. The guitar riffs found in this one aren't too complex or fast paced, but they still manage to keep a catchy tone and add to the stellar melodies accompanied by the mostly blast beat percussions and loud shrieks. There is some solo guitar action in certain songs, but it's pretty minimal. However, I will say that the two guitar leads complement each other adequately. The strongest tracks for me were "La Revolte des Tuchins" as well as the penultimate song for their distinct ambiance, progression and energy.

The Cons

The album feels slow at times and some songs drag out more than others. The vocals are a tad underused in some parts as well. Other than that, no major critiques. 

The Verdict

L'esprit des vents demonstrates a lot of attitude, creativity and energy and shows me that Aorlhac can definitely hold their own in this scene. And, while the album is not necessarily perfect as far as the black metal genre goes, it still manages to display all of its melodies, brutality, great instrumentality and several of the other factors that make it a memorable, interesting and epic release.


Fave Tracks: "La Revolte des Tuchins", "L'ora Es Venguda"

For Fans Of: SuhnopferMetamorphosis

**This release is available now here!** 


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-Review by: Dave Raffy

Musician, reviewer, fan & promoter


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