Raffy Reviews - All Misery: 'Entity of Revulsion'

Mexican deathcore with decent ambiance and chugging madness

Aug. 29, 2018


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Today's band is a brutal deathcore outfit coming out of Durango, Mexico. You've heard Upon A Burning Body and Here Comes The Kraken, now get ready for All Misery! Formed back in 2013 and currently performing/.writing music as a five-piece group, this spicy local band takes elements of tech death and blends them with some good old fashioned deathcore. All Misery, while now unsigned, is doing its best to make a name for itself in the underground community. And now, their latest full length is upon us all.

Album Breakdown

Entity of Revulsion stands as what I believe to be the band's sophomore/second album effort, though don't quote me on that since I'm not entirely certain and couldn't find enough info on the matter. Nevertheless, it was released on August 24th of this year and is being streamed heavily on Slam Worldwide for promotional purposes. The new album consists of seven songs that comprise about 24 or so minutes of brutal content. Additionally, the album artwork as well as the band's logo was created courtesy of Buried Design.


The album wastes no time getting right into the music. The opening track immediately starts out with a rather low, but ominous chromatic chugging pattern accompanied by some sluggish yet audible drumming. Soon enough, however, the vocals come in strong as hell leading into a slamming riff that seemingly gets faster as the song progresses. This first track, titled '1987', while brief and to the point, gives listeners a good idea of what's to come. Suddenly, 'Satisfaction' comes on and we're met with some interchangeable tremolo riffs and some high vocals. The chugging is strong in this track, and the overall sound (guitars/vocals and all) give off a slamcore presence akin to the likes of Slaughter To PrevailWithin Destruction and the like. Despite the previous notion, make no mistake, as this band is true to its own identity and goes to show that in the melodic and atmospheric sections of some of its songs.

Track three 'Kingdom of Putrefaction' beings as one of those more melody-centered songs that goes off into oblivion as the riffs progress, mixing slams and blast beats into the core sound. The guitar solo that comes in halfway is one of my personal faves off this release...and it makes 'Kingdom of Putrefaction' likely my fave off of Entity of Revulsion overall. The droning breakdown riff at the end is also epic and feels like an added bonus. The track after called 'Necrofear' is fast-paced as all hell and brings back the chugging feel of the early parts of this album. In general, it's definitely a more deathcore-oriented song.

'Miserly Man Decapitation' is another straight banger for me due to its lightning fast riffing, Archspire-esque vocal patterns and melodic breaks. The final two tracks are more straight deathcore sounding, though I enjoy the drumming and outro in the closing track. Overall, this album is a pretty short listen and leaves you wanting to hear more. The quality is all good and there, along with the stellar production and all the brutality and best parts of the subgenre. 

The Verdict

I liked this one a lot and I hope that it doesn't go under people's radars. It's an album that definitely shows a lot of promise and quite a bit of talent on the part of All Misery. The only issues I really had this one was regarding the short, EP-style length and the 'Species of Perversion' track, which was arguably my least fave off of Entity of Revulsion. Other than those little nitpicks, I'd say this one is an instant deathcore jam that's worth your time if you're into the slamcore/brutal deathcore style. The slamming breakdowns, fast riffs, melodies, blast beat drumming, and vocal variety is all greatly on point and easily on par with the rest of what the genre has to offer. And, to close off, it's safe to say that I will be keeping this one on my rotation for a while.


The Pros: Great riffs throughout, memorable atmospheric/melodic sections, decent vocal energy akin to other slamcore projects, crisp production

The Cons: Length is a bit short, didn't really care for one song

Fave Tracks: 'Kingdom of Putrefaction', 'Miserly Man Decapitation'

For Fans Of: Lacerate Thy Maker, OceanoSlaughter To Prevail

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-Review by: Dave Raffy

Musician, reviewer, fan & promoter


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