Radioactive Mutants

Nov. 11, 2015


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"Nuclear Holocaust was started in April 2015 in Świdnik, Poland. Mutant Inferno, their debut album was recorded live in Backyard Studio four months later." Clearly, these people don't waste time. I suppose if you are going to get ugly, you might as well seize the moment, and that is exactly what this album does.

Dat beat. It's brutally infectious: like a dose of morphine to the system. Instant dopamine release. This is D-Beat with the occasional machine gun blastbeat to keep things interesting. Add to this the insane, skull-f&@king riffs to drive up the voltage on tracks like "Psycho Death Punks" and "Radioactive Fallout" and you have the recipe for an extinction level event.

The tremolo lines are inhumanly fast, navigating the fretboard like The Flash in shining, black leather. This is The Dead Kennedys on angel dust. But the pièce de résistance are the sickening vocals. One part brutal death growls, one part oi punk. I also hear some similarities to Gloom at times in the deeper howls. It's disgusting, and delightful.

For a quick reference, you can think of this album as Pig Destroyer's Terrifyer with a big heaping dose of Black Flag and early Offspring...fed through a meat grinder...and recorded by radioactive mutants. The album is streamable below and a digital copy only runs you just under $3. Toxic Avenger metal.