April 21, 2020


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The Pitch: French blackened sludge crew Fange show no signs of resting with their industrialized new outing, Pudeur, via Throatruiner Records FFO The Lion's DaughterGodfleshLord Mantis

What I Like: It's only been a year guys. It's ok to take at least a little break. But hell, I'm glad you didn't, because Pudeur is easily my favorite album from Fange thus far. I've already been enjoying their filthy, Lord Mantis-y take on noisey, spiraling hellscapes, but their increasing evolution towards a more industrial Godflesh vibe is a welcome one. With each record these guys have just been getting better and better; and while I was already impressed with the strides forward on last year's Punir, I think they've really come into their own in 2020. From the gurgly intro of "Soleils Vaincus," we are sent through an Event Horizon-esque portal to unspeakable sci fi horrors. Pounding, digitized drums and menacing blackened sludge riffs are perfectly complimented by demented howls from the beyond. And tracks like "À Tombeaux Ouverts" and "Dieux Gémissants," with their more overt focus on mechanical noise and atmosphere, seem like they would be right at home on the new Doom soundtrack.

Critiques: I've got pretty much nothing to ask for on this one. Every track is quality, and the dynamics are solid. The one thing I would keep paying attention to is really carving out that signature that differentiates Fange from everyone else.

The Verdict: For three albums, Fange have been inching up in quality, but always just on the fringes of top tier material. Finally with Pudeur they have earned the A that they so desper, ately deserve. If ever there was a time to jump on the bandwagon, it's now. The stream and digital download have actually been available since March, but the physical release is April 24th.

Flight's Fav's: Soleils Vaincus, Croix De Paille, Total Serpent

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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