Psychological Punishment

July 23, 2015


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I'll be brief. I don't want to deprive you one second of these 20 minutes of punishment. One time I tried to listen to this in the dark. When I regained consciousness I was missing several fingernails and about a pint of blood. NOÛS doesn't “play guitar.” They waited by the Sam Ash dumpster and collected enough to make each clamorous note by smashing them one by one. Sometimes it's with a sledgehammer, others its on someone's cranium. Fun fact: cracked skulls create the ideal tone for some unmatched sludge metal. Backbreaking death vocals, gruelingly slow drums, walls of feedback. It would be easy to compare this to Primitive Man, but something about “ἀηδής” hits me so much harder. This is fight club music. Except the new first rule is “there are no rules.” Name your price, if you dare.