Progressive Blackgaze For Days

Nov. 22, 2016


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The Pitch: Unsigned post-black metal band from Moscow.  Originally founded in 2015 as one-man band of "A." (Mare Infinitum, Who Dies In Siberian Slush, Comatose Vigil, A Young Man’s Funeral), now a quartet.

What I Like: Very immersive.  I can take a swim inside the moods this album pours forth.  I also appreciate that the riffs and movements on this album are a bit more progressive and varied than many others in the genre.  I even hear some non-metal influences like The Cure and Mew creeping in.  The drumming performance and production are impressive.

What I Don't: Sometimes the blackgaze territory on this album leads me to be bored.  However, I am aware that this style of music is more meant to evoke a depressive, introspective reaction than one of true "enjoyment."  With that in mind, one could argue they have done their job.

The Verdict: Though I'm not much of a hardcore blackgaze fan, I think that Monsters is one of the better outings I have traversed in the genre.  The compositions are multi-faceted and highly textured.  Those into this style should jump on this one immediately.  Only 5 Euro for digital.

Flight's Fav's:  "Disillusion," "Strayed," "Wires"