July 11, 2018


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The Pitch: Seattle instrumental math metal duo Pound release their self-titled debut, self-titled debut on Silent Pendulum Records. FFO: MoRkObOt, Bangladeafy, Behold The Arctopus

What I Like: More technical, bass-heavy madness for you today. Consisting of a baritone 9-string guitar and two drum kits, Pound keep the instrumentation simple with compositions that are decidedly not. For this band, timing and rhythm are everything right down to the song "titles." The resulting album is first and foremost a tribute to the musicians out there. If you want catchy choruses and hooks, these are not the droids you're looking for. Instead, expect two guys  in top form jamming out in an impressive, energetic display of auditory calculas

Critiques: I could use a little more variation. I mean, there's plenty of different patterns and techniques on display here; but due to the self-imposed sonic restrictions of the instruments themselves, things can get a little repetetive. Furthermore, while I dig the almost Meshuggah-esque low-end, I'm not particularly enjoying the higher chord progressions.

The Verdict: Says guitarist Ryan Schutte, "When I hit my octave pedals on the clean rig, you feel it. It shakes the room. We rattled all the bottles off a bar once... At a show a few years back, my bass cab burst into flames and a foot of fire shot out the front." This is a band meant to be experienced live. While the album is good, I'm confident that hearing these tracks on stage is exponentially more satisfying. Listen below and follow their page for tour updates.

Flight's Fav's: x.---.x.---.x.---.x.---, x..x..x..x..x..x..x, -..-..-.x-..-..-..-..-..x..-..-..-..-..-x....

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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