Pig Destroyer Meets Ulcerate

Aug. 18, 2015


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There's nothing like suberbly ordered chaos. Something about a band's ability to harness the raw and dissonant just gets to me. Okazaki Fragments out of Calgary, Alberta have wipped and saddled this wild horse to create Abandoned. The result is some mathy grindcore and technical death metal that should not be ignored.

Okazaki Fragment's sound could be summarized as Pig Destroyer meets Ulcerate. It's bleak, raw, but above all impressive. The skilled use of discordant guitar grinding is well complimented by some jaw-dropping drumming. And just when you have adjusted to the raw vocal delivery of Sean Farrin, he will switch gears to croaking, classic death metal vocals that define the word "brutal."

"The Earth Aflame" is fully deserving of such a name. The intensity and speed are oh so tasty, but the last track is just plain blistering. Other track names like "Abomination" and "Vermin" help illistrate the overal sickly nature of what Abandoned has to offer. I listen to this and visualize bodies contorting like The Thing in a viscous black portal. From the other side we hear screams of human agony and demonic pleasure. The album is short, disgusting, and absolutely enjoyable. Name your price for this act of audio assault today.