March 10, 2020


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The Pitch: Wisconsin technical, progressive death metal unit Aronious drop an impressive debut album via The Artisan Era. FFO: Gorguts, Coma Cluster Void, Ulcerate

What I Like: I was initially on the fence about taking this album on, but ultimately Aronious won me over with their proggy compositions and excellent guitarwork. The songwriting and performance quality is clear when an instrumental ("Modernity Part 2") ends up being one of my favorite tracks. To quote Back To The Future, "These guys really cook." The riffage is seemingly endless with no two moments alike. And aside from the dizzying axe work, the drums and bass are enough to get your head spinning. Really impressive, music nerd stuff.

Critiques: The biggest detraction to my full enjoyment of this album are the vocals. They are extremely one-note, to the point of becoming grating after a while. These complex compositions deserve growls with a greater range. Also, at nearly an hour it feels a little bloated.

The Verdict: If they can step up their vocal dynamics and tighten up the runtime, I see no reason why Aronious couldn't reach the same levels of love as the rest of the excellent label roster they have chosen. But even with its imperfections, don't sleep on Perspicacity

Flight's Fav's: Perspicacity Part 2, Somatic Evolvement, The Passage Of Knowledge

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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