July 3, 2017


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The Pitch: Djenti-heavy progressive metal from relative newcomers, DFB, and Famined Records.  FFO Textures, Kadinja

What I Like: It's easy to write off "djent" bands these days, but even putting the solid riffing aside, these guys have some powerful baritone vocals.  If you're not a fan of the semi-whiny, higher pitched sound of groups like Periphery (or even if you're fine with it like me), you might be able to get down with these guys.  Textures and Lajon Witherspoon certainly come to mind, with maybe even a touch of Ihsahn.  Because of this, Perspective doesn't have as much of that "core" side that tends to irk purists.  Personally, though...I'm not ready to write off these hooks.  DFB have a command of creating some powerful ear candy that can take the listener on a headbanging journey.

Critiques: While the tracks are plenty enjoyable, they are awfully similar.  A little more differentiation would be nice.  I also feel like we spend much of this album at the same pace.  Without a few shifts here and there it feels like one big plateau.

The Verdict: Not perfect, and not the most original album this year or even in the genre; but I am glad to hear talented groups like Kadinja and DFB coming out of the woodwork to break up the djent monopoly.  Get it 7/7, preorder at the links below.

Flight's Fav's: Domino, Halogen, Epiphany

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