Sept. 3, 2019


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The Pitch: One man progressive metal project Surface Of The Sun pulling heavily from the style of Tool. Also FFO: A Perfect Circle, Chevelle

What I Like: If someone gave me these tracks blind and told me that they were outtakes from 10,000 Days, I would 100% believe them. Not only is Devon Eggers' voice nearly identical to Maynard's; his approach to songwriting and instrumentation bares more than a passing resemblance. From the groovey, rumbling bass tone to the cyclical guitar riffs, Surface Of The Sun is like a fricken doppelganger. Hell, the opening hook to "The Science Says" is kind of a cross between "Intolerance" and "Prison Sex" with a little "Vicariously" thrown in for good measure. But all comparisons aside, Panacea is simply a really solid EP all on its own. All four of these songs are excellent in their perfect balance of progressive structuring and radio-ready catchiness. I also dig the very Eastern-sounding influences on "Oblivion."

Critiques: The production is a little too glossy and flat. It could use just a little more edge. As it stands, I feel like the heavier parts have been somewhat diminished by some of the choices made. It's a criticism I also had of 10,000 Days, but if I'm being honest, I actually like this EP better as a whole.

The Verdict: On some level, Surface Of The Sun excites me more than the new Tool album on the horizon. There's a youthful excitement and energy to what Eggers is doing that I don't think Maynard and co. can still conjure in this phase of their lives. It's a hunger that just can't be faked, and Panacea has that in spades.

Flight's Fav's: The Science Says, Oblivion

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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