Oct. 9, 2018


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The Pitch: We backtrack to April in order to give props to D.C. hardcore/post-hardcore band Sideshow Cinema's latest album. FFO: Great American Ghost, Every Time I Die, 156/Silence

What I Like: At full tilt, Sideshow Cinema possess the energy and verbal scorn necessary to maintain an edge in the hardcore genre. With so many milquetoast pretenders out there, it takes a certain genuineness to keep the blade sharp. With Palace, we get an excellent showcase of the band's passion in a package that feels DIY through and through. Sideshow Cinema also do a nice job of toying with a number of styles and influences from the more straightforward aggression of Iron Reagan and Great American Ghost to the melodic leanings of Poison The Well. I'm also picking up on riffs that are more than a little reminiscent of early Every Time I Die. Clearly this crew is a fan of 00's metalcore just as much as hardcore; as well as showing off some jazz skills on "The Ram."

Critiques: There's quite a bit of disparity between my favorite and least favorite tracks on this album. Even from the start, the jump in quality from the somewhat mediocre "A Shell Of..." to the rollicking D-beats of "Code Reading Code" is notable. More of the latter in the future, please; and I'd also appreciate a little more vocal range.

The Verdict: Palace is a little rough around the edges; both to their benefit and detriment depending on the moment. Personally, I think that the ratio swings in Sideshow Cinema's favor, and I'm more than a little interested in hearing more in the future. With the continued growth that comes from playing together and recording, I am confident that this will be a band worth following.

Flight's Fav's: Code Reading Code, The House Harkonnen, Pissing Against the Moon

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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