Nov. 16, 2018


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The Pitch: Finnish "Northcore"/ metalcore crew Atlas dish out the djenty goods on their new album via Inverse Records. FFO: Architects, Make Them Suffer, Polaris

What I Like: It's that time again. Gotta break up the l33t black and death metal tunes with something that isn't going to melt my brain. For such a situation, Atlas provide the perfect palate cleanser. P R I M I T I V E is everything one could look for in a modern metalcore album: it's catchy, features strong instrumentation, and occassionally hits you in the feels. The heavy, headbanging-worthy djent hooks and varied vocal performance should please the Architects and Periphery crowd while the more post-hardcore/alternative influences on the likes of "Primitive" and "Pareidolia" will undoubtedly speak to the Underoath/Bring Me The Horizon crew. This balance should serve as a nice gateway for those just beginning to dip their toes in the deep waters of metal music. Looking back, it was albums like these that ultimately were the stepping stone to what we usually cover.

Critiques: While I enjoy my sappy, emo metalcore moments as much as the next guy who lies about it, Atlas at times cross the "popiness" threshold. "Kaamos" is the perfect example of treading that line and occasionally stepping over it. I think it's the Linkin Parkish backup vocals that give it the final push.

The Verdict: I don't doubt that a large number of our readers roll their eyes at albums like this or ignore them altogether. For all I know we've lost followers over it. Whatever. There's room in this world for a broad spectrum of sounds and ideas. Covering one style shouldn't negate the other. In any case, if you dig metalcore with a highly melodic slant, you will likely enjoy the work of Atlas.

Flight's Fav's: Skinwalker, Feel, Pendulum Swing

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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