Overtime Album Roundup

May 10, 2016


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This list is our new way of getting the word out for smaller bands that I just didn't have the time to give the full review treatment.  Be sure to check out their music and support maturing bands.

None Man Made Hell See Details for Man Made Hell

Death metal band Fractured Insanity just dropped their new record, Man Made Hell, in April.  This is some of the heaviest music out of Belgium.  No compramise on the brutality here.  Plenty of chugging riffs and intensely barbaric vocals.  I even get a touch of Behemoth vibe a la their earlier material.  Check them out on Facebook and be sure to stick around.  I feel like the album only gets better as it presses on.

None Through the Dark See Details for Through the Dark

Ephemeral is a melodic death metal band from the UK.  The band utilizes crunchy riffs, deep growled vocals, and use of synthesizer to create a heavy, moody song that may appeal to fans of groups like Dark Tranquillity.  The band just released their album, Through The Dark ,on April 9th and are eager for more people to hear it and share opinions.  Mine?  I like it.  There is a foundation of elements that are all in my wheelhouse, and even if the presentation is a bit rough around the edges I dig the melancholic atmosphere.  Stream the album below and support the group with a download if you like what you hear.

None Filth See Details for Filth

Argentinian band Hate Fusion would like to share their work wtih you.  The band was formed in 2005 and has released an EP "Blinded by Hate" leading to shows with bands like In Flames, Children of Bodom, and Amorphis.  Check them out on FACEBOOK and listen to their new album, Filth, below.