March 7, 2018


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The Pitch: Progressive metal and classical orchestration from Mexican instrumental project Elvaan Ibanfure. FFO: Mendel 

What I Like: Judging from the artwork and album title, Ōkami seems to be a musical interpretation of the popular Nintendo game of the same name. Much like that game, which I had the pleasure of playing many years ago, the compositions are lush with atmosphere and a sense of exploration. Tracks like "Hiraeth" also feature the same Asian imagery through traditional musical aesthetic. The songwriting of Elvaan Ibanfure is ultimately art first and metal second...and often not at all. Much like the Halo OST, there is far more focus on strings and wind instruments, making each appearance of guitar and drums all the more impactful. From the mastermind himself, the album is "an instrumental opus that transcends the borders of rock & metal, showing the world, unique and singular style of aggressiveness, despair, pain, hate, love and thirst of justice and change."

Critiques: This is definitely music I'd prefer in the background during work as opposed to something I'd repeatedly want to explore directly. That's not really so much a criticism as a preferance, but it's the only critical thing that comes to mind.

The Verdict: Ōkami is the perfect album for those looking for emersive, atmospheric music. It's prog for classical music fans, and classical music for fans of prog. If you love both, then this is an absolute must-listen. Get it for just under $7.

Flight's Fav's: Litost, Hiraeth, Weltschmerz

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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