Obscene Repressed

April 10, 2020


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The Pitch: It’s the return of French brutal death metal band Benighted with their latest ode to filth and depravity with Obscene Repressed via Season Of Mist. FFO: Aborted, TBDM, Cryptopsy

What I Like: This album is a fast grower filled with fun and memorable moments that had me listening half a dozen times on repeat the very first time I pressed play. It’s the sickening brees and blechs of the opening title track. It’s the jarring transition to the highly infectious deathcore groove of "Brutus." It’s the unexpected Meshuggah-esque jazz interlude of "Muzzle." It’s the raunchy bass intro to "Bound To Facial Plague" and the TBDM balance of off-putting humor with catchy melodeath riffs of "Mom I Love You The Wrong Way." Each are like the slasher movie kills we used to recount in vivid detail in hushed tones away from the adults... forbidden entertainment seemingly designed to upset Evangelical activists and branded as unfit for public consumption.

Critiques: Of the the many available choices, I can’t for the life of me understand why they decided to promote this album by leading with implore the negative, which may very well be my least favorite song on the album. I appreciate that they are trying something different by integrating Jamey Jasta’s old school hardcore vocals, but it just ends up coming off as annoying in execution.

The Verdict: Obscene Repressed is high octane, 80’s horror schlock that absolutely revels in its repugnance. The essence of metal’s controversial roots modernized and made flesh. Do yourself a favor and buy a copy for dear old mom and dad.

Flight's Fav's: Obscene Repressed, Mom, I Love You The Wrong Way, Bound To Facial Plague

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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