Now I've Heard It All

Nov. 23, 2015


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I'm at a loss. We're doubling up today on the works of the enigmatic, and quite frankly, insane mind of Cal Scott. You may recognize the name from previous reviews of Umbah (more on that in the next review). But apparently tinkering with a band of robotic industiral metal machines just isn't enough for Cal, he has to go electroceltic on us. Yes, you read that right. Get ready for electronic bagpipes.

Caberman seems to be more or less an outlet for things both more melodic and not quite so "metal" in the traditional sense for Cal. Think of it as Scottish folk dubstep from the standpoint of someone who has spent years redefining industrial metal with the avantgarde. It's the type of soundscape Skrillex or Bassnectar might create had the been hit with a sledgehammer a few times and force-fed hallucinogenic mushrooms.

There are bass drops, warbly Ohgrish synth lines, almost 8-bit sounding hooks, and just a general sense of agoraphobia. Some trippy vox and samples are also provided by Alma Consoli. In a word: unpredictable. This is dance music filtered through the mind of Hunter S. Thompson during an Ether binge. Sunnpsyop played in reverse...with digital bagpipe overdubs. I'm trying to further analyze the music as I write this and merely succeeding in killing more brain cells.

Enough words. Words fail here. Just listen. Brain good. Free buy.