Jan. 18, 2018


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The Pitch: "Nòtt is the solo project of Amiensus frontman and Fail to Decay bassist James Benson- combining bleak and progressive elements of black metal"

What I Like: The music of Nòtt most closely reminds me of Au-Dessus. This project similarly treads along the boundaries of post-black, exploring equally the territories of light and dark. Some movements are harsh and aggressive, filled with blastbeats and lacerating vocals ("Nothing"); others give way to a more melancholic approach, occasionally even delving into something warm and melodic ("Sol"). It's the type of album that would fit nicely on Les Acteurs de L'Ombre Production's lineup. These 5 songs are nothing if not emotionally evocative. The focus is more on the journey than that of individual instrumentation; though gun to head I am most drawn in by the textured drumming.

Critiques: I can't help feel like something is missing. I enjoy much of this album as I play it, but it doesn't really stick around afterwards. I could use a few more hooks to keep it lingering.

The Verdict: Nòtt may not be the most memorable of albums, but nonetheless it is an impressive work of black metal. The compositions are varied while maintaining a tight string of consistency, the runtime feels just right, and the performances are all solid. If you dig Amiensus or any of the bands on LADLO, you should definitely check this out.

Flight's Fav's: Nothing, Rosa Mystica

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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