Not Quite As Is

Jan. 13, 2017


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The Pitch: New York modern progressive black metal band delivers 50 minutes of dark, atmospheric music.

What I Like: The clean vocals have an interesting vibe that provides a nice counterpoint to the grim growls.  Some of these tracks have a vague Enslaved vibe flowing through the background.  The atmosphere is developed well and the album as a whole has a good flow to it.

What I Don't Like: There are some duller portions that play on too long.  I also think that the more extreme parts could use some punching up; tighter riffs, more memorable lyics, ect.

The Verdict: As Was is an interesting black metal album that at times doesn't feel black metal at all.  It's not quite perfect as is, as it were, but it does represent a different approach worth exploring further.

Flight's Fav's: On Forgotten Ways, May Her Wrath Be Just, Ultra