Nostalgic Organ-Driven Doom

Dec. 28, 2015


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Time to throw a little more doom into the mix. Funeral Marmoori came about in 2008 from an idea formed during work as another Stoner/Sludge project "GUM". The group's aesthetic is heavily inspired by bands like Saint Vitus, Paul Chain, and Cathedral. Rounding out their sound is an ever-present backing of organs and sinthetizers reminiscent of the doom and progressive rock of the 70's. I'm getting a contact high just listening.

If you mashed up "In a gadda da vida" with Black Sabbath and this year's excellent release from Monolord, you'd probably end up with The Deer Woman. This is some trippy, psychodelic stuff that is still plenty heavy. Just look at that cover. That's a bad trip, dude. HUGE, rumbiling, repetitious chords and some excellent drumming maintain an aggressive drone as the heavy metal vocals and haunting organs lift us to the stratosphere. It's a wicked combination.

I don't have much else to say other than to sample the track below. Remember, I'm not a doom guy, but I really dig this. It is dripping with nostalgia; so much so that had I not already known otherwise, I would have assumed I was listening to a recording from decades past. But this is not just some half-assed, bygone relic throwback either. Funeral Marmoori know how to write killer songs that seem timeless. Hit up the label for a copy at the link above if you find yourself wanting more.