Norwegian Spirit

Nov. 16, 2016


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The Pitch: Gritty black metal from Italy for fans of Darkthrone, Cripple Bastards, Negazione, and early Ulver.

What I Like: Not everyone seems to get what it means to be black metal.  Nulla+ nails the spirit, ugliness, and rebellion perfectly.  This is classic 2nd wave sound with all of the 80's thrash and punk influences that often get cast aside nowadays.

What I Don't Like: I have heard sooooo many albums in this style.  With an eclectic taste like mine, I get kind of tired of it.  However, if you are especially drawn to the kvlt black metal genre, this is a good opportunity to pick up more of that bleak grimness done right.

The Verdict: While my own tastes (or snobbishness depending on your outlook) led me to rate this fairly average for lack of innovation, those in sync with the early days of Norwegian black metal should welcome these Italians into the fold.

Flight's Fav's: "Antidolorifico," "Un Uomo," "Una Donna"