Nomen Nescio

Jan. 2, 2020


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The Pitch: Portugal's chaotic, atmospheric black metal group Tod Huetet Uebel kick off the new year with Nomen Nescio.  FFO MisþyrmingDeathspell OmegaVeilburner

What I Like: Tod Huetet Uebel are a bit of a black metal version of Ulcerate. They employ a similarly chaotic approach to songwriting that in this case translates to a raging torrent of blastbeats and dischordant guitars. And as if that wasn't enough to to terrorize your senses, they also  add layers of tortured vocals that often feel largely improvised. It's like the most dissonant, discomforting jam session you've ever heard.

Critiques: My main issue with this project persists from previous releases in that songs suffer from a severe lack of differentiation.

The Verdict: If you feel like having your mind torn apart, reassembled, and then torn apart again; then I can't recommend Nomen Nescio enough. But if chaos and dissonance aren't really your bag, this may just sound like pure noise.

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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