Oct. 10, 2018


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The Pitch: Baltimore mathcore band Noisays bring some heavy Number 12 vibes with their debut self-titled album via Dark Trail Records. FFO: The Number 12 Looks Like You, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Autocatalytica

What I Like: If you spent some of your formative years drooling over the likes of Nuclear. Sad. Nuclear. or Mongrel, have I got the album for you. Diverse, layered vocals, consantly shifting stylistic palette, and unpredictable songwriting are the name of the game when it comes to Noisays. From detached post-hardcore musings to violent screams and death growls, tracks like "Honey, Cops Killed the Dog" have it all. Noisays are all about progressive compositions that meld chugging hardcore with chaotic, Dillinger-esque jazz in a manner that is strangely hypnotic. There's a broad range of both general volume and emotional expression on display. The album's intro, for instance, has a certain blissful, uplifting quality while other tracks like "What Harmony Was" and "“They’re just doin’ their job”" have a certain anxiety-provoking rampancy. Those seeking variety and innovation will not be disappointed.

Critiques: As long as we are comparing this band to The Number 12, and we can argue over the fairness of that, there are some places where Noisays falls short. Namely, TNTLLY were great at infusing otherwise challenging compositions with some really memorable hooks that served to anchor the listener's experience. I'm talking the legendary vocal break on "The Weekly Wars" and epic closing guitar on "Grandfather." I'm not hearing as much of that on this album, and it seems like the reasonable area for growth.

The Verdict: Mathcore is a genre ripe for versatility and creative ideas. While I've already been impressed this year with the sheer heaviness of releases from the likes of Sectioned and Arms, it's bands like Noisays who have what it takes to really elevate the genre to new heights. Definitely check this one out, and support Dark Trail Records in their largely selfless pursuit of providing your ears with the best and brightest.

Flight's Fav's: What Harmony Was, Anime On YouTube, Honey, Cops Killed the Dog

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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