Nobody Wins

Oct. 7, 2015


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Three tracks, 11 minutes, pure energy and brutality. Such is the punk rock ethos of Grim Vision from Germany. This is some deliciously crusty metal. Like war, it hits hard and fast, and in the end you wonder if anybody has truly won.

Once again, prepare yourself for some hefty Converge influence (or parallels at least). The vocals are equally tortured and vile, but in a deeper register more familiar to gutter punk. Jacob Bannon was left in the sun too long and has gone rotten.

You can guess which of my favorite beats shows up here most frequently, but Grim Vision know how to slip the tip with some killer blast beats too. The guitar has a thick crunch like a heavy metal kettle chip. The chugging and squeeling at the end of "War Machine" are like some approaching steampunk wild boar.

War - Agony does manage to slow things down for a sludgy conclusion with "Ten Minutes." Jarring feedback and thick distortion building to a final, brutal catharsis. Going back to the chip metaphor, my one complaint is that I hit the bottom of this bag too soon. You gave me the fun sized, and I needed the Sam's Club megasack. 6 Euro on bandcamp. They didn't skimp on the salt.