No Ugly Duck

April 5, 2017


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The Pitch: The Swan is the final, 6 track, tape mastered EP, released by stoner doom/rock group, Ruff Majik.  "The band faced the pale horse and his rider, watching them closely, and decided to defiantly tell them to f#$k off." FFO Black Sabbath, Monolord, Red Fang

What I Like: This is just another 60's/70's psychodelic good time.  The perfect compliment to blacklight-painted walls and a room full of smoke.  There are plenty of groovy hooks and walls of Sabbathy distortion to get down to.  I find myself wanting to use out-dated expressions like "jive-turkey" and "way out."  The production is best described in the words of the band: "live and raw and balls to the wall."  As I believe I stated of The Fox, it feels like these guys are playing a show in my living room.

What I Don't Like: The vocals could be a little stronger.  Anyone else getting a little bit of a Jack White vibe?

The Verdict: "Find the biggest speakers you can and blow out your windows, hell, blow out your neighbors windows too."

Flight's Fav's: Cloak Full Of Serpents, Honey In A Lion Corpse, Monarch of the Hills