No Pity

Dec. 2, 2016


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The Pitch: For fans of groups like Grieved, demented, Paris hardcore elite crew, Cowards, return with a new EP after the success of the ultraviolent Rise to Infamy.

What I Like: The atmosphere these guys dish out continues to be some of the darkest, bleakest s#!t in the scene.  People think of Paris and imagine romance and the Eiffel Tower.  These guys' minds instead go to beatings in dark, concrete alleyways and burning buildings.  In addition, the instrumentation is solid and the vocal delivery is just plain punishing.

What I Don't Like: Initially I wasn't floored by the opening or closing tracks, but they have grown on my quite a bit.  "One Night In Any City" is much more experimental than anything else I have heard from the band and mixes their grim sound with spoken word that simultaneously makes me think of Nada Surf and Dillinger Escape Plan.  So really this is another pro.

The Verdict: Cowards bring the pain once more.  A few of these tracks took a couple listens to fully sink in, but despite the simplistic approach there is some real genius at play in the final product.  The more I play Still, the more it feels like it could be a set of (really good) Converge B-sides.

Flight's Fav's: "Let Go," "Like Us"