No Escape No Excuse

Feb. 14, 2019


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The Pitch: Swedish crusty hardcore crew Snake Tongue drop a dirty new EP via The Sign Records. FFO: ConvergeMartyrdöd, All Pigs Must Die

What I Like: It's been nearly 3 years since Snake Tongue dropped the rock solid Raptor's Breath, and while I would have appreciated another full length release, I'm just glad to know that they're still around. True to the title and almost black metal-looking cover, No Escape No Excuse finds the band more metallic than ever. "Corrupted Beat" kicks things off on a particularly filthy note, really playing up the crust elements. It feels as if the band has dropped much of the previous Norma Jean comparisons in favor of something even more raw and aggressive. That said, the Kurt Ballou-esque guitars haven't gone anywhere. Tracks like "Dystopean Slumber" are brimming with enough ripping hooks and sweaty D-beats to instakill an entire legion of hardcore kids. This is what happens when you lock a bunch of punks in a room with nothing but Converge for a year.

Critiques: I desire more. It's been 3 years... Hoping for more soon.

The Verdict: No Escape No Excuses is a killer EP that should please fans of punk, hardcore, and crust alike. While I'm disappointed with its length, it's nice to know that Snake Tongue still have some fight left in them.

Flight's Fav's: Dystopean Slumber, Derailed

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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