Nine Altars

Feb. 27, 2020


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The Pitch: Blackened thrash metal majesty from Greece's Primeval Mass devlivered via Katoptron IX Records. FFO: Absu, Destroyer 666, Skeletonwitch

What I Like: F#$&%ck yeah. Really great blackened thrash metal albums are relatively few and far between these days, but Nine Altars is already setting a high bar for 2020.  Primeval Mass serve up the perfect balance of occult, blackened atmosphere and razor sharp riffs. Orth's vocals are grim black metal to the core, commanding legions wraiths as they spew from the abyss. Meanwhile, his equally powerful command of the axe lends itself to some seriously catchy hooks that should delight fans of Maiden and Kreator just as much as Bathory and Venom. And let's not ignore the excellent basswork on this album either, with its delightful, rumbling tone especially noticeable during the extended outro of "The Irkallian Born."

Critiques: While the nearly 12 minute closer, "The Hourglass Still," offers broader perspective on the band's range, it's rather dull and feels out of place as a conclusion to an otherwise ripping firestorm of an album.

The Verdict: Nine Altars is a breakneck thrasher of a black metal album that almost makes up for the fact that I'm still impatiently awaiting the next outing from Absu. With its perfection marred only by its overlong final track, Primeval Mass has really made an album that should please a wide variety of metalheads if they don't let it pass them by.

Flight's Fav's: Circle Of Skulls, The Irkallian Born, Firecrowned

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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