Nightmares Of Our Own Design

March 5, 2020


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The Pitch:  Dizzyingly psychedelic progressive death metal from Svengahli's Nightmares Of Our Own Design feat. the support of musicians from Gorguts, Obscura, and more. FFO: Enslaved, Ihsahn, Opeth

What I Like: Wow. Just wow. I was not fully prepared for this. There was a lot of great progressive death metal last year, but not enough in this particular style if you ask me. Svengahli is a project that definitely puts the progressive elements first and foremost when it comes to songwriting. Similar to the likes of Ihsahn and Enslaved, the heavier aesthetic is more like icing on the cake as opposed to the cake itself. I listen to the highly technical drumming and eclectic riffing on the 10 minute opus that is "Writing On The Wall" and find myself thinking of Rush and King Crimson just as much as Dream Theater. It's an absolutely electrifying display of performance and songwriting that should please headbangers and prog snobs alike.

Critiques: The entire album is great, but I do wonder if "Writing On The Wall" is so good that it casts a shadow over the other 3 songs that is difficult to fully live up to.

The Verdict: Buy this album. We need to celebrate diamonds in the rough like this with every possible opportunity we get. It's rare that a release be so powerfully technical, yet also strangely accessible; the ultimate tightrope walk and mark of a truly adept songwriter.

Flight's Fav's: Writing On The Wall, "Nightmares Of Our Own Design III""

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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