New York Doom

Nov. 23, 2016


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The Pitch: New York doom metal band, among the first I reviewed, is back with more tunes trading overt darkness for psychodelics.

What I Like: While this album is certainly a shift in style, it shows maturations and versatility.  The production, especially given the guitar tone and vocal effects, makes this sound like another 70's recording.  It reminds me a bit of Monolord, but these guys have a heavier sound.  Mammoth hooks abound, but "Proselytic Incense" and "Return" showcase guitar abilities beyond basic chord progressions.  The string synths and occasional solo are a nice touch as well.

What I Don't Like: The vocal melodies, particularly on the first track, can go a little astray.  It's not a consistent problem as other tracks like "Hex Lysergica" are pretty much spot on.  I could also stand for a few more unique touches to help this band stand out, and I'd like to hear the drums a little more.

The Verdict: Poisoned By Life continue to grow in their sound while also demonstrating ability across different styles.  The vocals on certain songs could use a little work, and I'd like to hear the band further distance themselves from the rabble, but they still manage to make a solid album.

Flight's Fav's:  Hex Lysergica, Psychedelicult, Return