New Moon

Nov. 10, 2015


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Vision Lunar is an atmospheric black metal project based in Montreal, Canada. From the mind of Alexandre Julien, the story goes that the project originally spanned from 2006 to 2009, with that final year seeming to mark the end of the mysterious tracks that only released with each full moon. But late this September, the music was revived with the fittingly-titled Luna Subortus ("revived moon") EP. I, for one, am glad for the opportunity to hear what Vision Lunar has to offer.

Sometimes less really is more. This needed no grim lyrics or tortured howling to convey it's depressive atmosphere. All we are left with is guitar. It took a second listen to even realize that there are no drums on this EP. I've reviewed quite a few instrumental acts, but I can't think of one without a rhythm section. The point is, Lunar Subortus doesn't need one. To connect with this particular mood and imagery, all that was needed was a handful of almost ambient guitar parts.

Imagery abounds in these melodies. I see snow falling over a barren landscape. No footprints to be found. Not a person for miles, the silence deafening. Even when "Spiritus Luna" incorporates distortion, it's more of a hypnotic hum than a scream. It's one of those worlds where it's hard to tell where the grey sky ends and the frosty earth begins. Elk silently creep through the trees, foraging for food. And high above, a crescent moon becomes more visible as the obscured sun slowly sets.

But enough of my cliched prose. This admittedly brief EP is available on bandcamp with CD's available as well. A digital copy is just $4, and I consider it to be worth your time. Let's hope we hear a lot more in the future. Maybe even a full length? Only the moon will tell.