Never Rest, Never Falter

April 28, 2016


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Morrow is a metal group made up from members of other related groups like Anopheli and Archivist.  You'd think dropping those two records alone to acclaim last year would be enough, and yet here we are now with Covenant of Teeth.  I have to admire their work ethic, but more importantly the music spewing from these projects never seems to falter in quality.  On the album itself:

"This is a record about remnant cultures on a future earth that has healed the various wounds dealt by the hands of humankind. Our record follows the Norr, whose own culture is comprised of many different peoples. This record is about language, about the sharing of culture and ideas and beliefs."

Four songs of moderate length is all it takes to get their point across.  Existing somewhere in between the atmosphere and progressive influences of Archivist and the emo crust of Ache of Want is is this highly emotional and personal sounding release.  It opens slowly, peacefully; often returning to this state throughout.  But bubbling underneath is the ever-present magma for D-beat and schizophrenic vocals waiting to spurt forth.

Then it's full speed ahead.  I am particularly fond of "The Norr," and "Forgiving Grin," but each of these tracks have their moments.  The howls of the various vocalists are filled with primal desire and unfathomable misery.  You will be hard pressed to find a more earnest performance in the genre.  These voices are backed by equally soul-crushing, rumbling guitar lines and, once more, the compliment of cello to contrast the brash distortion.  It's a sound these people have perfected and is completely unique to their purposes.

Please please please listen to this album, and then follow it up by digging up all of the related projects.  I have been enamoured with them since I first heard Anopheli's demo in 2014.  Nobody else seems to lay it out so raw on the table as them.  And to do it through such engaging and pleasurable songwriting takes it to another level.  To these musicians I say never rest, never falter.  See you on the next one.