Jan. 28, 2020


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The Pitch: Greek atmospheric black metal band Savaoth transcend the stars with their latest album, Neophyte. FFO: Blut Aus Nord, Dawn Ray'd

What I Like: Much like Blut Aus Nord, on Neophyte Savaoth seem to prefer focus on overall atmosphere and impact over the tools used to get us there. This album is loaded with a highly diverse and dynamic approach to songwriting and instrumentation across its brief 18 minute runtime. "Eleusis" opens like a meditation, complete with throat singing and bells before getting all 777 – Cosmosophy with an industrialized beat and repeated earworm guitar hook. "Mathisis" broadens the scope even further with string arrangements to back the raging blastbeats and fiery vocals. By the time "Systasis" comes around, I'm scarcely surprised by the sudden incorporation of falsetto clean singing; and somehow it doesn't misalign with the more aggressive Rotting Christ approach of "Gnosis."

Critiques: I'm really just interested to hear more. Can they maintain this same level of diversity and engagement for a full length?

The Verdict: Neophyte is an exquisite black metal experience that unfortunately didn't reach my ears until after the year was over. Despite this late review, I implore you to add Savaoth to your queue immediately.

Flight's Fav's: Mathisis, Gnosis

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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