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Sept. 7, 2015


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Some music is classy. This is not that music. Blood Eagle is filled with some dirty riffs that even the hottest shower can't get out. Cut the Architect's Hand from Richmond, Virgina like to slip a little punk into their metal. Maybe just the tip. But it feels so right.

The overall sound is a bit like hardcore meets stoner rock. It's got some callbacks to Motorhead that Lemmy himself could get behind. And when the juicy riffs meet the Ballou distortion, rock and roll ensues. Hope you grabbed a six pack, cuz this party is BYOB and Every Time I Die is definitely on the guest list.

Now despite all of this, the vocals keep everything a bit more aggressive than any of the above. These grimy hardcore vocals are tinged with death and ready to voice their disgust. And the heavier touches don't stop with the vocals. The guitarist isn't afraid to channel a few Botch riffs for good measure.

All said and done, I really enjoyed this release. A few moments stood out in particular, though. Check out the fun, frenetic drumming on “Times Square Rolex.” Then there's the frantic-sounding hook on “The German Three” that strangely brought to mind early From Autumn to Ashes. Finally, the ETID parallels hit a peak on the excellent “Any Port in a Storm.”

If you like your metal with a little rock and punk, Blood Eagle is a good choice for you. It can be purchased today for just $5. You can save the other $5 for a 40 oz.