My Interest Was Piqued

Sept. 14, 2015


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YGODEH is a band from the UK that cares little for your feeble pronunciation skills. I was not familiar with the group until a promotion arrived from Against PR, but this appears to be the third release on bandcamp. Formed in 2009 by Pavel Stepanov, this quartet is hitting the underground scene hard with a pretty distinct sound.

Videogame soundtrack synths join with harsh, throaty vocals. Lovely string arrangements offset the bassy layers of distortion. In general, this is a fairly mid-paced affair, which allowed the unique sounds to really sink in quickly. I really enjoy the dark, murky guitars, varied electronics, and clamorous bass tone. The work on the keys really does run the gamut from Rammstein, Europop sensibilities as on "Take the Blue Pill," to the classier aesthetic of Arcturus or Dimmu Borgir.

But there are some more peeled back moments as well. YGODEH can get heavy with big, chunky death metal riffs like on "Morbid," but only before transitioning to a blackened industrial vibe. The beats and guitar work here are extremely catchy, and the well-placed symphonic flourishes later on add to the drama.

Ultimately, I was instantly intrigued by YGODH's unique style when it comes to fusing all of these elements, and I am pleased to say that my enjoyment carried me all the way to the final build of "Wake." In fact, I'd venture to say that my pleasure only grew with each track. While I was not a big fan of some of the spoken word portions, this was but a mild complaint. Just know that the real gems here fall into the second half. So be sure to stick around. 8GBP on bandcamp.