Mr. Bungler

March 3, 2017


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The Pitch:  Buffalo, NY's hardcore marauders, Bungler, release their fiery third album, their first with Innerstrength Records.  Featuring guest appearances from members of Adaliah, The Traditional, and Sirens and Sailors.  FFO Every Time I Die, Great American Ghost

What I Like: The acerbic vocal delivery will scrape through your earholes like a razorwire Q-tip.  Like the bands listed above, Bungler have no issue saying what they think and projecting it with the utmost disdain.  Of course, they aren't above the occasional catchy scream-along moments either; as evidenced on "Double Glare" and the very ETID-esque "Dead Breath".  Then you've got the riffs, which are equal parts punk, Southern-tinged rock, and mathcore.  Hooky grooves clash with dissonant chord slashing.  Combined with the energetic drumming, there is plenty to enjoy from these high octane performances.

What I Don't Like: For the hardcore genre as a whole, I'm not sure Bungler have quite broken through the pack yet in terms of rivaling recent albums like Everyone Leaves, but they are certainly getting their and people should take notice.

The Verdict:  This band has certainly bungled their way into my heart, even if I don't quite hold The Nature of Being New in the same esteem of some other instant classics I've heard in the last year or two. 

Flight's Fav's: Double Glare, Dead Breath, Closet Confident