Mothman Takes Flight

Jan. 10, 2017


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The Pitch: Texas project brings mathcore and grind in the vein of bands like Ed Gein.

What I Like: This is some of that purely chaotic stuff with barks on par with Calculating Infinity or The Armed with some death growls thrown in for good measure.  It's so noisy that it may take your ears a moment to adapt enough to pick up on some of the fun little hooks that pop up (that riff on "Fiery Faith"  Add to this just how fast the songs whir past and it's that much easier to miss the best parts on your first listen.  Ed Gein is certainly an influence, or if you aren't familiar, it's like a turnt up version of Botch.  It will brutalize you one minute at a time and never let up until the final track.

What I Don't Like: Somewhat inconsistent.  For a debut this is incredibly strong, but I'll be expecting something even tighter in the future.  Maybe a track or two like "It Only Fails" to help break up the flow of the album and then a little more individual personality to each of the shorter tracks.

The Verdict: Mothman claims to play "the most intense shit ever" and aims "to bring the most abrasive music possible."  I think that they are more than on the right track.

Flight's Fav's: Fiery Faith, Skeleton Man, Hitch Hiker